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Differences in length in TagLib# (C#) and TagLib (C++)

I am currently in the process of moving my C# application over to Qt / C++. I'm running into problems with lengths from TagLib. I find it odd that TagLib# returns audio durations in milliseconds, while TagLib returns its (incorrect) durations in seconds. TagLib just returns zero for the length values, while TagLib# remains correct.

Here is my source in C# / TagLib#...

TagLib.File tagfile = TagLib.File.Create(path);
uint milliseconds = (uint)tagfile.Properties.Duration.TotalMilliseconds;

And here is what should be nearly equivalent in C++ / TagLib. I've even forced it to read accurately. No success.

TagLib::FileName fn(path);
TagLib::FileRef fr(fn, true, TagLib::AudioProperties::Accurate);
uint length = fr.audioProperties()->length();

It works as expected for a good majority of my media files. However, a select few audio files fail to return any audio properties (the rest of the tag information reads fine!). The exact same audio properties are returned with no issues on TagLib#.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

Does anyone have any more ideas before the bounty ends?

Answer Source

Hi there is a patch to taglib that calculate the length in milliseconds, this guy added a method (lengthMilliseconds()) that return the length in milliseconds, maybe that could be useful for you:

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