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Perl Question

Bash regex string variable match

I have the following script i wrote in perl that works just fine. But i am trying to achieve the same thing using bash.


use 5.010;
use strict;

my $string = 'Seconds_Behind_Master: 1';
my ($s) = ($string =~ /Seconds_Behind_Master: ([\d]+)/);
if ($s > 10) {
print "Too long... ${s}";
} else {
print "It's ok";


How can i achieve this using a bash script? Basically, i want to be able to read and match the value at the end of the string "Seconds_Behind_Master: N" where N can be any value.

Answer Source

You can use a tool for it e.g. sed if you want to stay with regexps:

string="Seconds_Behind_Master: 1"
s=`echo $string | sed -r 's/Seconds_Behind_Master: ([0-9]+)/\1/g'`
if [ $s -gt 10 ]
    echo "Too long... $s"
    echo "It's OK"
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