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Apache Configuration Question

How to move phpmyadmin outside of Sites folder on Mac locahost

I edited the httpd.conf so that the current directory I'm working on will be the root. I did the following:

DocumentRoot "/Users/{user}/Sites/{folder}"

This works beautifully, except for when I want to access phpmyadmin, as it is in my Sites folder. Is there are a way to move phpmyadmin outside of the Sites folder? A better approach might be to add something to the httpd.conf for an exception, so I can still access it like this
. Please let me know what solutions exist for this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

I get the feeling that no one is going to answer this, as apparently it is far too esoteric of a question for most. However, in case someone happens to Google this, the solution is to first have it set up so that ~/user is removed from the localhost address. I already had it set up like this beforehand.

Now since it is removed, you can simply access your site by going to localhost. This allow you to access phpmyadmin by going to localhost/~{user}/phpadmin. In fact, you can now obviously access any other project in the sites folder like this. Hopefully this helped someone.

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