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Stop people having my website loaded on multiple tabs

I want users to browse my site from only one tab in their browser. How can this be done? Would I use javascript and cookies?

For example, I have a website: www.example.com - and I want my clients to only be able to visit the site from one single tab in one browser. If they open another tab and load the site (or a subpage of the site) - I want an alert "Can't open multiple instances", and then redirect them to an error page.

Once thing to note - if the user changes the address from www.example.com/action/door/mine.aspx to www.example.com - that should work fine, becuase the user is in the same (original) tab.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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It's the exact thing which is mentioned at this answer, You need 2 IDs:

  1. One random one
  2. One consistent one (this will be our SSID actually, since you limit tabs of a single browser, it's better to get generated form browser's unique parameters)

You can generate consistent one from browser's user-agent or get it from server-side. store both of them server-side.
Store the random one in window.name property which is tab-specific.
Send a heartbeat every 1~2 seconds to your server containing both consistent ID and random one. if server fails to receive the heartbeat, it cleans up database and de-register dead clients.
on every browser's request, check window.name for the value. if it were missing, check with the server-side whether if the previous tab is closed or not (cleaned from database).

If yes, generate a new pair for client if no, reject him.

Two suggestions on top of my mind:

  1. Server-side (better): provide all your clients, a user name and password. request them on their first visit of your site to enter with their credentials. then on every other request, check for whether user with said credentials is already logged in or not.
  Client *
      Server ---> Check whether
                  Already logged
                     or not?
                   |          |
                  yes         no
                   |          |
                 permit     reject
                  him        him
  1. Client-side: If you really need a strong check of this, use evercookie to store an already-logged-in cookie on client's machine.

Side-note: Do know that every attempt in client side is not secure at all! client-side should help server-side, it shouldn't be used as the one and only source of security. even evercookies can be deleted so, give my first suggestion a go.


Evercookie is really doing a good job at storing most secure zombie cookies ever but since the library itself is a little bit heavy for browsers (storing a cookie takes more than 100ms each time) it's not really recommended for using in real-world web app.

use these instead if you went with server-side solution:

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