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How do I change the default library path for R packages

I have attempted to install R and R studio on the local drive on my work computer as opposed to the organization network folder because anything that runs through the network is really slow. When installing, the destination path shows that it's my local C:drive. However, when I install a new package, the default path shown is my network drive and there is no option to change:

[1] "\\\\The library/path/I/don't/want"
[2] "C:/Program Files/R/R-3.2.1/library"

I'm running windows 7 professional. How can I remove library path [1] and make path [2] my primary for all base packages and all new packages that I install?

Answer Source

See help(Startup) and help(.libPaths) as you have several possibilities where this may have gotten set. Among them are

  • setting R_LIBS_USER
  • assigning .libPaths() in .Rprofile or

and more.

In this particular case you need to go backwards and unset whereever \\\\The library/path/I/don't/want is set.

To otherwise ignore it you need to override it use explicitly i.e. via

library("somePackage", lib.loc=.libPaths()[-1])

when loading a package.

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