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Android Question

How can I overlay a "play button" over a VR Video?

I want to add a giant white play button on top of the video for both VR and non-VR modes of my

. How do I tell when I'm in VR view?

I'm using
to handle playing the video both with and without the headset on.

My thought process so far:

  • I have no way to check/bind to when someone goes in and out of VR mode, so I don't know when to add one versus two play buttons over the video.

  • So given the above, I've thought about modifying the video programmatically to achieve this. Is that my only choice?

Answer Source

We ended up having the video edited to add a play button to the first frame.

It's not possible to be notified of when the user enters/exits VR mode.

Here's why: The Android Google Cardboard VR SDK is built to be accessible for easy integration in content-viewing apps. It is not built to be used in a custom-VR video viewing application. Here's a thread on Github about the topic

Due to the limitations above, we very quickly rewrote the application in Unity (still using Cardboard SDK)

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