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Pass a field to custom deserializer class Jackson

I have written a custom deserializer to map only the required fields using jackson. Here goes.

public class GeneralDeserializer extends JsonDeserializer<GeneralDomain> {

public GeneralDomain deserialize(JsonParser jp, DeserializationContext ctxt)
throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {

final JsonNode jsonNode = jp.getCodec().readTree(jp);
final Map<String, String> map = new ObjectMapper().convertValue(jsonNode, Map.class);
final String event = "Proxy";
return new GeneralDomain(map.get("id"), event, map.get("name"), map.get("lastLogin"));

public Class<GeneralDomain> handledType() {
return GeneralDomain.class;

I have a mixin class too for this to add extra annotations.

@JsonDeserialize(using = GeneralDeserializer.class)
public class GeneralDomainMixIn{}

I fetch the object in this way,

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.addMixIn(GeneralDomain.class, SimpleRevealPublicEventMixIn.class);
String json = "{\"id\": 111, \"name\": David, \"lastLogin\": \"02-10-2016 10:32:00 AM\"}";
GeneralDomain readValue = mapper.readValue(json, GeneralDomain.class);

This works great. But as you can see in the custom deserializer, I am hard coding the event field value. This will be passed on by some other instance variable in the main class. I have to pass this field to the custom deserializer. So is there a way to access this variable inside the deserializer? Or is there any other alternative way to achieve this? Please help me out. Thanks.

Answer Source

Got the answer finally. Thanks to Philip in this link.

All I had to do was this.

Create an instance of InjectableValues

private InjectableValues newInjectableValues() {
  return new InjectableValues.Std()
    .addValue("event", "proxy")

use this method to set the injectablevalues method in mapper class

GeneralDomain readValue = mapper.setInjectableValues(injectEventType()).readValue(json, GeneralDomain.class);

In my deserialize method I had to retrieve the values provided by the InjectableValues:

String event = String.valueOf(ctxt.findInjectableValue("event", null, null));
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