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Need a help how to make same calculations with all values from text or excel and export it

Sup folks, well I have a big problem. First of all I'm new in python (atm 3.x). I need a help to figure out, how to pick correct data exactly for calculations (Sorry for my english). For eg.:
I have a excel file with data:

My excel data looks like this

I can count this manually for e.g

book = openpyxl.load_workbook('angles.xls')
sheet = book.get_sheet_by_name('Sheet1')
angle = sheet['A1'].value
minute = sheet['B1'].value
seconds = sheet['C1'].value
calculations = angle + minute/60 + seconds/60

and also export this

sys.stdout = open(input("name it :"), 'w')

But I cant figure out how to make that it could automaticaly count for next values, A2,B2,C2..... A7,B7,C7...... till all existing values. And after all, instead of 1 result, I could get all. E.g. If there were 10 calculations from A1,B1,C1........ A10,B10,C10 and get 10 calculations. If its easier it also can be a text data.

thank you for your time.

Answer Source

You can iterate over each row to do this. Just get number of rows, and simple for loop will be enough. For example:

book = openpyxl.load_workbook('excel.xlsx')

sheet = book.active

for row_i in range(2, sheet.max_row + 1):
     deg_value = sheet.cell(row=row_i, column=1).value
     min_value = sheet.cell(row=row_i, column=2).value
     sec_value = sheet.cell(row=row_i, column=3).value
     print(deg_value, min_value, sec_value)
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