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PHP Question

Notice: Array to string conversion - Why?

Hi im trying to execute the following PHP code, however im receiving an error. Im passing a reference into the core class, which i want to assign to a variable within the classes scope..

Notice: Array to string conversion

Thanks in advance..

$core = new core($config);

class core
private $config;

public function __construct(&$config)
$this->$config = $config;

public function execute()

private function set_path()
return true;

Answer Source

Well, first off....


The second $ in $config should be removed since otherwise it's trying to access the variable with the name given by the string within $config. (e.g., if $config held "test" as a value, you'd be accessing the "test" variable within your class: $this->test)

What is $config when it is passed in, anyway? (String, array, object, etc?)

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