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Java Question

Debugger doesn't stop at source code in Intellij IDEA

I've rather strange issue that I can't resolve with Intellij IDEA. I was parsing email file with

package but my mail file had incompatible format of
header. So I created module from mime4j sources and removed mime4j jar from my disk.

I've found a place where parsing happens. When I put
there, I see it in my console. But when I put a breakpoint right on println's line it doesn't stop. (But it stops in my

Do you have any idea why this can happen? I've invalidated my cache. I use IDEA 11.1.2.

Answer Source

IDEA may cache your jar and use a cached copy, double check the module dependencies, there should be no the jar dependency, only the dependency on the module containing sources.

Also try File | Invalidate Caches.

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