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How to keep background color changes on page reload?

I have a table which contain cells that when clicked, will change the cell's background color to green. When I reload the page, however, the background color reverts back to its original color; white. Is there any way I can prevent it from reverting? To just keep it green after I clicked it?


function eight(){
var eight = document.getElementById("eight"); = "green";


<td id="eight" onclick="eight(); ">

*Ignore the content inside the

Answer Source

You have to store the color value in Client side Cookie or Server Side Session. Modern browsers supports localStorage also..

Try this Code..

function changeBackground() {
        if (sessionStorage.getItem('colour')) {
   = sessionStorage.getItem('colour');
   =  "#BB0A21";
            sessionStorage.setItem('colour', "#BB0A21");

  // then you'll need to call your function on page load
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