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how to remove duplicate template arguments in template declaration

For conciseness sake I would like to name a template argument only once in its explicit instantiation, but I am getting a compiler error. I am attempting to use the C++ syntax as described in cppreference under

Type alias, alias template
. Here is my sample code:

struct M {};

template< typename T1 >
struct S {};

template< typename T2, typename T3 >
struct N {};

// type alias used to hide a template parameter (from cppreference under 'Type alias, alias template')
//template< typename U1, typename U2 >
//using NN = N< U1, U2< U1 > >; // error: attempt at applying alias syntax: error C2947: expecting '>' to terminate template-argument-list, found '<'

int main()
N< M, S< M > > nn1; // OK: explicit instantiation with full declaration, but would like to not have to use M twice
// NN< M, S > nn2; // desired declaration, error: error C2947: expecting '>' to terminate template-argument-list, found '<'

return 0;

What is the problem here?

Answer Source

typename U2 is a typename, not a template. Thus, U2< U1 > doesn't make sense. Replace it with a template template parameter:

template< typename U1, template<typename> class U2 >
using NN = N< U1, U2< U1 > >;


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