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How to export CSV's using SAP BO web intelligence through REST API?

I have a requirement where i need to export CSV files from SAP BO webi reports using GUI or API automation. Is there any way we can export report's data into CSV files using REST API's ? I have tried following options from OpenDocument documentation but there is no option to export CSV file for webintelligence.

export_options = '&sOutputFormat=H&sRefresh=Y&lsSEnter+number+of+days(X):=100&lsSEnter+values+for+Job+Type:=no_value'

Answer Source

It depends on whether you want to export the report query (i.e., raw data), or report (semi-formatted). For query, use the following:


Set accept to text/plain to receive the result in CSV format.

For reports in CSV format, use:


Set accept to text/csv to receive the result in CSV format.

For both, replace <serverName>, {documentID}, {dataproviderID}, {documentID}, {reportID], and {flowID} as appropriate

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