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How to touch EditTextPrefences from another activity or another thread

i have a setting Activity that store name , by changing the name it must first send that to my server and if its store in server successfully then it should set in the summary of my


everything works fine but at the end i cant touch the
to set name on it.

this method is in setting activity but called from
of the

public void setNewSetting(Activity activity) {
EditTextPreference editTextPreference = (EditTextPreference) UserSettingActivity.this.findPreference(activity.getString(R.string.pref_name_key));
name = sharedPreferences.getString(activity.getString(R.string.pref_name_key), "");

the activity is the setting activity that i passed to the
and then passed to method.

my problem is here and give me a

Sorry for my bad english.
and thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Method 1:

If activity is still in background, pass your context to AsyncTask and create an instance of your Settings Activity.

SettingsActivity settingsActivity = (SettingsActivity) context;

then, call the method in onPostExecute()


And, have your setNewSetting() method in your SettingsActivity. It should be public and put some checks for null values.

Method 2:

Use an interface delegate. Create an interface:

 public interface TaskListener {
        void onComplete();

Pass it to AsyncTask when you execute it, something like:

new MyAsyncTask(params, params, new TaskListener() {

    public void onComplete () {

        // call setNewSetting from within SettingsActivity


You get it in your AsyncTask constructer:

public MyAsyncTask (String params, String param2, TaskListener taskListenerDelegate) {

    this.taskListenerDelegate = taskListenerDelegate;

Call its onComplete() in onPostExecute() :


Method 3

Not recommended, but you can try with startActivityForResult() too. And, listen in onActivityResult() to apply changes.

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