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On single SVN branch to GIT migration - Not able to get all history of trunk

We are migrating project from svn to git. In the process we only need to migrate a single branch. I have used the below command to migrate

git svn clone

It had cloned the branch properly, But we are getting history from the creation of the branch. How can we get history from the start of the project. From svn while browsing the branch we can able to see all history.

Any suggestions ?

Answer Source

Try and see if subgit import (as an alternative to git svn) would not be able to get you the full history for that imported branch.

SubGit has a free offer for import, and it generally is more robust than git svn: it might better handle that branch import.

Or you could even import the full repo (again with subgit), and then delete (with git filter-branch) what you don't need in the Git repo.

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