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Angular 2 - File upload access

<div class="fileUpload btn btn-primary">
<span>Choose File</span>
<input id="uploadBtn" type="file" class="upload" value="No File Selected" #uploadBtn/>
<input id="uploadFile" placeholder="No File Chosen" disabled="disabled" value="{{uploadBtn.value}}"/>

How do I access the file that is uploaded by the user? How do I do this in angular and typescript as I still need to process the data in the file (e.g checking for valid file types)?

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Almost the same way you would do in JavaScript.

If the above is your template for let say a component named FileUploadComponent, you can do something like this. Keep in mind that this is HTML5. So browser support is from IE10.

   selector: 'file-upload',
   template: `
      <input type="file" class="upload" value="No File Selected" (change)="_onChange($event.target)">
export class FileUploadComponent {

    private _onChange(target: HTMLInputElement) : void {
         if(target.files && target.files.length > 0) {
              let file : File = target.files[0];
              //Now you can get


You can extend this functionality to load the file using the FileReader.

If for instance you want to read a csv file:

Starting of with the file:

let reader: FileReader = new FileReader();

reader.onload = (e) => {
  let csv: string = reader.result;
  //From here you can either use a csv parse library, or your own
  //implementation if you know what the structure of the csv is

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