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iOS Question

Can't find segues without identifiers

I've got a warning in Xcode 6 and 7 that says:

"Segues initiated directly from view controllers must have an identifier"

However, when I look at ALL the segues in the storyboard, they all have identifiers, and I call them all programmatically. It's not a show stopper by any means - the app builds and is totally useable. I just don't like warnings.

There are somewhat related questions like this one, but it's not the issue I'm seeing.

Are there places that hidden segues can live? Or a master list of segues that I can look at?

Answer Source

a master list of segues that I can look at

Absolutely. Control click on the storyboard's listing in the Project navigator and choose Open As > Source Code. Now you can read — and search — the storyboard as XML. Look for a <segue ... /> without an identifier attribute.

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