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How to capture photo automatically in android phone?

I have developed an android application. In that i have used front facing camera functionality. Its working fine but I need to auto capture. i.e. without click shutter button sound, I want to capture photocode..

my camera activity code is

private Camera openFrontFacingCameraGingerbread() {
int cameraCount = 0;
Camera cam = null;
Camera.CameraInfo cameraInfo = new Camera.CameraInfo();
cameraCount = Camera.getNumberOfCameras();
for ( int camIdx = 0; camIdx < cameraCount; camIdx++ ) {
Camera.getCameraInfo( camIdx, cameraInfo );
if ( cameraInfo.facing == Camera.CameraInfo.CAMERA_FACING_FRONT ) {
try {
cam = camIdx );
} catch (RuntimeException e) {
Log.i("Camera failed to open: ",e.getLocalizedMessage());
return cam;

Thanks in advance..

Answer Source

Follow the steps outlined in the Android Developer reference pages. There's no requirement to have a 'shutter button'. You can create a dummy SurfaceHolder if you don't want to show the image on the screen, e.g.

SurfaceView surface = new SurfaceView(context);
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