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Javascript Question

Multilangual website - Get specific url part and use this to change the url - JQuery

I am currently working on a navagation bar with a button that let's you change the language of the page.

First of all, I have two subdirectories for each language version of the website:


With *.html standing for every page in that subdirectory

I'm using the same navigation bar on every page so my question is:
How can I swap the middle part of the url using jquery/js?

If it's not possible with Jquery/js, how can I accomplish this without Jquery/js?

Currently I only have the url stored in a variable to use it:

var pathname = window.location.pathname;

which outputs
(for example)

Easiest way, I think, is to get the /en/ part from the variable, store it another variable and swap the current part with the other language. I know there are a lot of similar questions to this out there, but I can't seem to find an answer to tweak for my usage.

Code requirements:

- Needs to check if it's on the En or Nl version.

- Change the url to the other directory with keeping the *.html intact.

Answer Source

If you'd like to keep your current structure you can just check if current path is NL or EN and switch for the other one like this:

var pathname = window.location.pathname; //Your page path
var page = pathname.slice(4); //The page name

if (pathname.indexOf("/nl/") >= 0){ //if current page is NL send to EN
    window.location.href = '../en/'+page;
else{ //if current page is NOT NL send to NL
    window.location.href = '../nl/'+page;
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