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CSS Question

CSS position:fixed inside a positioned element

I have a positioned div whose content can be too long so scrollbars appear (

set). It functions as a dialog box in an ajax app. I want to fix a close button on it's right top corner so when the user scrolls the div it won't scroll away.

I tryed it with
position:fixed; right:0; top:0
but it placed the button on the right top of the page not in the div (in firefox).

Is it possible to do this button placement using CSS only without hacking with the offsetWidth/Height in js on every scroll event?

ps: the div's height and width is not a fixed value it depends on the content's size and the browser window's size. User can also resize it if he want.

Answer Source

You can use the position:fixed;, but without set left and top. Then you will push it to the right using margin-left, to position it in the right position you wish.

Check a demo here:

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