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Blinking screen on image transition between activities

I implemented an image transition between two activities using the new shared elements from lollipop. It's working but I get a weird white blinking on the entire screen during the transition and I can't find how to get rid of it. Here is an example:
Status bar also blinking

Here is how the second activity is launched

public static void launch(
@NonNull Activity activity, @NonNull View transitionView, Game game) {
ActivityOptionsCompat options =
activity, transitionView, game.gameFullId);
Intent intent = new Intent(activity, ListImportationLoginActivity.class);
intent.putExtra(INTENT_EXTRA_GAME, retailer);
ActivityCompat.startActivity(activity, intent, options.toBundle());

Then in onCreate:

ViewCompat.setTransitionName(mLogoView, mGame.gameFullId);

And the theme file:

<style name="Theme.MyApp.NoActionBar" parent="Theme.MyApp.NoActionBar.Base">
<item name="android:windowContentTransitions">true</item>
<item name="android:windowAllowEnterTransitionOverlap">true</item>
<item name="android:windowAllowReturnTransitionOverlap">true</item>
<item name="android:windowSharedElementEnterTransition">@android:transition/move</item>
<item name="android:windowSharedElementExitTransition">@android:transition/move</item>

Thanks for your help

Answer Source

The "white blinking" you are seeing is the result of the two activities alpha-animating in and out during the transition: when activity A starts activity B, activity A fades out and activity B fades in.

If you want to prevent the status bar and/or navigation bar from fading during the transition (and thus reducing the "blinking" effect a bit), you can look at this post.

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