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How to see print statment output while coding in enigma os

I am new in Enigma dreambox. I am making simple login plugin. I want to see output of print statement so i can trace my plugin. So where can i find this output of print statement Or is there other way to trace program?

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I don't know how Enigma runs, but unless it's going out of its way to redirect your stdout somewhere, you probably can't find it anywhere.

What you probably can do is use the logging module (also see the HOWTO/Tutorial if you've never seen logging before). You can log to a file that you read later, or even to a syslog daemon on your laptop somewhere else on the network.

Or just open a file somewhere and write to it (making sure to flush and/or close it appropriately). But logging takes care of a whole lot of stuff for you, so it's almost always a better choice.

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