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AngularJS Question

Why this angularjs example doesn't work on plunker?

In this angular document:, there is an example about



A directive is a behavior or DOM transformation which is triggered by the presence of a custom attribute, element name, or a class name. A directive allows you to extend the HTML vocabulary in a declarative fashion. Following is an example which enables data-binding for the contenteditable in HTML.

It provides two live demo, one for plunker, another for jsfiddle.

Why the jsfiddle one works well but the plunker one doesn't work? They have exactly the same code, and there is no error in the console.

Answer Source

The plunker has ng-app instead of ng-app='directive' in the index.html.

The module (named directive in this example) defined in the script.js javascript file needs to be specified in the ng-app for it to pick up the contenteditable directive:

angular.module('directive', [])...

See this plunker for a working version.

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