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In a text based adventure game, how do I prevent long confusing conditional code?

I am creating a text-based, choose your own adventure game in C++.

In this game, there will be lots of possibilities on where you choose to go, what you choose to do etc.

My question is, how do I prevent this from becoming extremely confusing.


Lets say at one point in the game you can be asked whether to go to the forest or the desert. If you choose desert, thats a COMPLETELY different story line from the forest.

So how would I prevent from my code looking like this.

if (player goes to the desert)advice? {
/*Whole story line of the desert*/
else if (player goes to the forest) {
/*Whole story line of the forest */

Inside of these story lines there would be more conditionals like that, and more elaborate story lines, so is there any way that I can write the code for one story line in a separate file, then just run that file for that conditional? Anyways I can do that separately instead of writing everything out inside of the conditionals? If I did that the code would quickly become long and confusing to look at/edit.

I was thinking about doing headers and making functions inside of the headers that write out the story line, so I would just have to type out the function, but if I did that, then I couldnt access the global variables in the game such as

Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I'm new to C++ so please forgive me if I've missed something painstakingly obvious.

Answer Source

Probably a class based solution. The question is quote broad, so not quite sure which design patterns would fit. However, a sample class may be CrossroadsDesicision that'll export options ["Go to desert", "Go to city", ...] and have a method apply that should receive an options from the array and return the relevant decision class for the next step

Edit: The base class should contain:

  • possibleDecisions - an array of possible decisions (You could use an option class here, composed of a name (string or enum - you should use templating here) and a description)

  • apply - a function receiving a decision, acting on it, and returning the next decision

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