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How do I create 7-Zip archives with .NET?

How can I create 7-Zip archives from my C# console application? I need to be able to extract the archives using the regular, widely available 7-Zip program.

Here are my results with the examples provided as answers to this question

  • "Shelling out" to 7z.exe - this is the simplest and most effective approach, and I can confirm that it works nicely. As workmad3 mentions, I just need to guarantee that 7z.exe is installed on all target machines, which is something I can guarantee.

  • 7Zip in memory compression - this refers to compressing cookies "in-memory" before sending to the client; this method seems somewhat promising. The wrapper methods (wrapping the LZMA SDK) return type
    . When I write the
    array to a file, I can't extract it using 7-Zip (
    File.7z is not supported archive

  • 7zSharp Wrapper (found on CodePlex) - this wraps the 7z exe/LZMA SDK. I referenced the project from my app, and it successfully created some archive files, but I was unable to extract the files using the regular 7-Zip program (
    File.7z is not supported archive

  • 7Zip SDK aka LZMA SDK - I guess I'm not smart enough to figure out how to use this (which is why I posted here)... Any working code examples that demonstrate creating a 7zip archive that is able to be extracted by the regular 7zip program?

  • CodeProject C# (.NET) Interface for 7-Zip Archive DLLs - only supports extracting from 7zip archives... I need to create them!

  • SharpZipLib - According to their FAQ, SharpZipLib doesn't support 7zip.

Answer Source

If you can guarantee the 7-zip app will be installed (and in the path) on all target machines, you can offload by calling the command line app 7z. Not the most elegant solution but it is the least work.

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