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ExtJS: checkbox click or keyup event

Now I can handle

event of a
in my
. I do it like so:

"[itemId=TestCheckbox]": {
change: this.updateCheckbox

What I do not like about this, is that this event fires even when the state of the checkbox is changed programmatically - when, for example, the value is bound at the first time. All this results in unnecessary server requests:

  1. First request gets data from the server and binds the value to the checkbox

  2. Change event is fired and another server request is done

I do not like this. I want something like keyup event, or check event, so that I could trigger server request, only when the state of the checkbox is changed by hand and not programmatically.

Answer Source

You could try adding a mousedown/keydown handler to the checkbox el, then setting a flag there, and check for that flag in the change event handler

    xtype:     'checkboxfield',
    listeners: {
        mousedown: {
            element: 'el',
            fn:      function (e, el) {
                Ext.getCmp(e.currentTarget.id).myFlag = true
        change:    function (cb, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) {
            console.log(cb, cb.myFlag)

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