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Ajax Question

Custom scroll bar! After Ajax Completed

I have a small problem. I have a js ajax call to php.


echo '<div class="center-right-inside"></div>';

Before ajax I create divs

$('.main').fadeIn('slow').html('<div class="right-left"><div class="left-c"></div><div class="center-c"></div><div class="right-c"></div></div>');

In my JS I use plugin
And after in created div I load another div on witch I want to use plugin... But no luck

complete :function(){

I tried:


this on DOM ready and it is working fine but when ajax is complete no...

Before posting this question I read Docs of the plugin and search at google and SO but couldnt find any similar if any suggestion thanks in advance.

Answer Source
        updateOnContentResize: true

This should help!

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