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How to solve "Build:Unknown compiler option 'listemittedfiles'." on visual studio 2015 update 3?

After updating the NuGet Type Scripts packages, I was facing with one common build error problem "tsc.exe exited with code 1". After searching I have found the solution how to resolve it. As suggested I installed another two NuGet packages named Microsoft.TypeScript.Compiler and Microsoft.TypeScript.MSBuild. After installing those the tsc.exe exited with code 1 problem solved. But in the mean time a new problem arise on build "Unknown compiler option 'listemittedfiles'".

I was trying to solve it by the suggestion of this Typescript build failure.

But still there has no improvement of this problem.

Can anyone be able to provide a solution please? Please take a lots of thanks in advance.

My client project structure is looks like the image Please click here to view the image

Answer Source

I suggest you to try to fix this issue by installing TypeScript 2.0.6 using the following link:

This will also point MSBuild to the proper TypeScript build, which fully supports the --listEmittedFiles command switch.

See also this answer and/or this article for further details and references about this issue.

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