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MySQL Question

Function for week of the month in mysql

I was looking for a simple function to get the week of the month (rather than the easy week of the year) in a mysql query.

The best I could come up with was:

WEEK(dateField) - WEEK(DATE_SUB(dateField, INTERVAL DAYOFMONTH(dateField)-1 DAY)) + 1

I'd love to know if I'm reinventing the wheel here, and if there is an easier and cleaner solution?

Answer Source

AFAIK, there is no standard on the first week of month.

First week of year is the week containing Jan 4th.

How do you define first week of month?


You'll need to rewrite your query like this:

SELECT  WEEK(dateField, 5) -
        WEEK(DATE_SUB(dateField, INTERVAL DAYOFMONTH(dateField) - 1 DAY), 5) + 1

so that the year transitions are handled correctly, and the weeks start on Monday.

Otherwise, your query is fine.

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