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Stdfilt in Opencv

I am currently looking through he documentation of openCV atempting to find the matlab equivelent of stdfilt could anyone point me in the correct direction?


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Looking at the source code inside the stdfilt.m file, we can see it is implemented using convolution..

I ported the code to Python, it should be straightforward to rewrite in C\C++:

import cv2
import numpy as np

img = cv2.imread('fruits.jpg', True)
img = cv2.cvtColor(img, cv2.COLOR_RGB2GRAY)
img = img / 255.0

# c = imfilter(I,h,'symmetric');
h = np.ones((3,3))
n = h.sum()
n1 = n - 1
c1 = cv2.filter2D(img**2, -1, h/n1, borderType=cv2.BORDER_REFLECT)
c2 = cv2.filter2D(img, -1, h, borderType=cv2.BORDER_REFLECT)**2 / (n*n1)
J = np.sqrt( np.maximum(c1-c2,0) )

cv2.imshow('stdfilt', J)

The result:

fruits python_stdfilt

Compare against MATLAB's version:

I = imread('fruits.jpg');
I = im2double(rgb2gray(I));


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