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Networkx in Python - draw node attributes as labels outside the node

I have a graph of nodes with specific attributes and I want to draw the graph by networkx in Python with several attributes as labels of nodes outside the node.

Can someone help me how can I write my code to achieve this aim?

There is a loop in my code which generate "interface_?" attribute for each input from firewall list (fwList)

for y in fwList:
g.add_node(n, type='Firewall')
print 'Firewall ' + str(n) + ' :'
for x in fwList[n]:
g.node[n]['interface_'+str(i)] = x
print 'Interface '+str(i)+' = '+g.node[n]['interface_'+str(i)]

Then, later on I draw nodes and edges like:

nx.draw_networkx_edges(g, pos)

and will extended it to some new nodes with other shape and color later.

For labeling a single attribute I tried below code, but it didn't work

labels=dict((n,d['interface_1']) for n,d in g.nodes(data=True))

And for putting the text out of the node I have no idea...

Answer Source

You have access to the node positions in the 'pos' dictionary. So you can use matplotlib to put text wherever you like. e.g.

In [1]: import networkx as nx

In [2]: G=nx.path_graph(3)

In [3]: pos=nx.spring_layout(G)

In [4]: nx.draw(G,pos)

In [5]: x,y=pos[1]

In [6]: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

In [7]: plt.text(x,y+0.1,s='some text', bbox=dict(facecolor='red', alpha=0.5),horizontalalignment='center')
Out[7]: <matplotlib.text.Text at 0x4f1e490>

enter image description here

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