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Scroll-bar cursor mode in text area (for google chrome)

I have already implement text area, so that text area had two modes. read-only mode and edit mode. in read-only mode, i have been set the cursor mode to read only
ex:- (CSS code)

cursor: not-allowed;
but scroll bar cursor mode also giving read-only symbol. i have attached screen shots for your reference. is there are way to change cursor mode only for the scroll bar? i want to change only scroll bar cursor mode to default mode ex:-
cursor: default ;
text-area-cursor-modetext-area-cursor-mode in scroll-bar

Answer Source

We have to add two division tags one for whole div and one for the text area like this with two classes

<div class="form-control readonly-form-text">
  <div class="readonly-form-text-content">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore 

and we have to give unique attributes to each CSS classes

.form-control readonly-form-text {
   overflow: auto; 
   cursor: default !important; 

.readonly-form-text-content {

This is the screen shots to get an idea

Main div tag Special div tag to add text

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