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Android Question

Passing touch events to the parent view

I have a custom

in which I implemented touch events so I
am able to scroll through screens using the touchscreen.

My layout hierarchy looks like this:


<ListView />

<ListView />


Now, the problem is that the touch events are being consumed by the
and I am not able to switch the views. It works fine when I
don't have the
. I need to be able to scroll through the
views and scroll the

How do I solve this?

EDIT: I also need the
items to be clickable.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Thank you everyone for answering the question. But I was able to figure it out in a much simpler manner. Since my ViewSwitcher wasn't detecting the touch event, I intercepted the touch event, called the onTouchEvent() and returned false. Here:

public boolean onInterceptTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev)
    return false;

By overriding the onInterceptTouchEvent(), I was able to intercept the touch event in the activity. Then I called the onTouchEvent() in the ViewSwitcher which handles the switching of the ListViews. And finally by returning false, it makes sure that the ViewGroup doesn't consume the event.

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