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Iterate over spark cogroup() pairrdd output in scala

I created 2 Pair RDD's in Spark

var pairrdd = sc.parallelize(List((1,2),(3,4),(3,6)))
var pairrdd2 = sc.parallelize(List((3,9)))

I applied the cogroup function

var cogrouped = pairrdd.cogroup(pairrdd2)

The object type for cogroupedrdd looks like below.

cogrouped: org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD[(Int, (Iterable[Int], Iterable[Int]))] = MapPartitionsRDD[801] at cogroup at <console>:60

I am trying to create a function to iterate over these values

def iterateThis((x: Int,(x1:Iterable[Int],x2:Iterable[Int])))={

but am I getting below error.

<console>:21: error: identifier expected but '(' found.
def iterateThis((x: Int,(x1:Iterable[Int],x2:Iterable[Int])))={

Answer Source

Your argument is of type (Int, (Iterable[Int], Iterable[Int])):

def iterateThis(arg: (Int, (Iterable[Int], Iterable[Int]))) = {
  val (_, (x1, _)) = arg
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