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Phone number validation Android

How do I check if a phone number is valid or not? It is up to length 13 (including character

in front).

How do I do that?

I tried this:

String regexStr = "^[0-9]$";

String number=entered_number.getText().toString();

if(entered_number.getText().toString().length()<10 || number.length()>13 || number.matches(regexStr)==false ) {
Toast.makeText(MyDialog.this,"Please enter "+"\n"+" valid phone number",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
// am_checked=0;

And I also tried this:

public boolean isValidPhoneNumber(String number)
for (char c : number.toCharArray())
if (!VALID_CHARS.contains(c))
return false;
// All characters were valid
return true;

Both are not working.

Input type:
+ sign to be accepted and from 0-9 numbers and length b/w 10-13 and should not accept other characters

Answer Source

Given the rules you specified:

upto length 13 and including character + infront.

(and also incorporating the min length of 10 in your code)

You're going to want a regex that looks like this:


With the min and max lengths encoded in the regex, you can drop those conditions from your if() block.

Off topic: I'd suggest that a range of 10 - 13 is too limiting for an international phone number field; you're almost certain to find valid numbers that are both longer and shorter than this. I'd suggest a range of 8 - 20 to be safe.

[EDIT] OP states the above regex doesn't work due to the escape sequence. Not sure why, but an alternative would be:


[EDIT 2] OP now adds that the + sign should be optional. In this case, the regex needs a question mark after the +, so the example above would now look like this:

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