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pytest fixture to introspect calling function

I have a test class and a setup function that looks like this:

@pytest.fixture(autouse=True, scope='function')
def setup(self, request):
self.client = MyClass()
first_patcher = patch('myclass.myclass.function_to_patch')
first_mock = first_patcher.start()
first_mock.return_value = 'foo'
value_to_return = getattr(request, 'value_name', None)
second_patcher = patch('myclass.myclass.function_two')
second_mock = second_patcher.start()
second_mock.return_value = value_to_return
#could clean up my mocks here, but don't care right now

I see in the documentation for pytest, that introspection can be done for a module level value:
val = getattr(request.module, 'val_name', None)

But, I want to be able to specify different values to return based on the test I am in. So I am looking for a way to introspect the test_function not the test_module.

Answer Source

You can use request.function to get to the test function. Just follow the link on the b wepage you referenced to see what is available on the test request object :)

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