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Python Question

Determine free RAM in Python

I would like my python script to use all the free RAM available but no more (for efficiency reasons). I can control this by reading in only a limited amount of data but I need to know how much RAM is free at run-time to get this right. It will be run on a variety of Linux systems. Is it possible to determine the free RAM at run-time?

Answer Source

You could just read out /proc/meminfo. Be aware that the "free memory" is usually quite low, as the OS heavily uses free, unused memory for caching.

Also, it's best if you don't try to outsmart your OS's memory management. That usually just ends in tears (or slower programs). Better just take the RAM you need. If you want to use as much as you can on a machine with a previously unknown amount of memory, I'd probably check how much RAM is installed (MemTotal in /proc/meminfo), leave a certain amount for the OS and as safety margin (say 1 GB) and use the rest.

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