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enum Values to NSString (iOS)

I have an enum holding several values:

enum {value1, value2, value3} myValue;

In a certain point in my app, I wish to check which value of the enum is now active. I'm using NSLog but I'm not clear on how to display the current value of the enum (value1/valu2/valu3/etc...) as a NSString for the NSLog.


Answer Source

This is answered here: a few suggestions on implementation

The bottom line is Objective-C is using a regular, old C enum, which is just a glorified set of integers.

Given an enum like this:

typedef enum { a, b, c } FirstThreeAlpha;

Your method would look like this:

- (NSString*) convertToString:(FirstThreeAlpha) whichAlpha {
    NSString *result = nil;

    switch(whichAlpha) {
        case a:
            result = @"a";
        case b:
            result = @"b";
        case c:
            result = @"c";

            result = @"unknown";

    return result;
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