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SQL select two rows from same table (same column, in fact), based on join with other table

I have two tables:

stores all the received votes (each person can give a first and second vote),
holds the items people can vote for. Each item has its own ID. The
table stores the ID of each vote. I want to retrieve the names of the items people votes on. Here's an example of what the tables look like:


**voter** | **vote1_ID** | **vote2_ID**
Foo | 1 | 2
Bar | 3 | 2
Mark | 2 | 3


**ID** | **name**
1 | John
2 | Jane
3 | Mary

I already stated I want to retrieve both the name associated with the first vote and the name associated with the second vote within one query (in fact, I don't really care how many queries it takes, but a single query is always nicer and cleaner of course). How would I go on doing this? I already tried figured I need to use a join, but I can't figure out how to retrieve the value from a same column twice.

EDIT: I figured giving an example of what query I'm trying to perform might be useful:

For example, if I want to see what Bar has voted for, the result of the query should be twice. In the result of Mark, this is Jane and Mary.

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Answer Source

You have to join the submissions table twice to get the expected result.

select v.voter,, 
from votes v 
join submissions s1 on v.vote1_id =
join submissions s2 on v.vote2_id =
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