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Groovy Question

read & write properties file in gradle build script

I am new in Gradle build script. Say, I have two properties files in my file system. I would like to read all fields in the two properties files & write to a new properties file. How to achieve this in gradle?

For example, contains:

name = John
age = 30 contains:

gender = male

I would like my build script read all the fields in two files & write to a new file in a different location. That's new file contains:

name = John
age = 30
gender = male

How to do it in gradle?

Answer Source

You can try this simple script in groovy:

def targetFile = new File("<combinedFileWithPath>")

// Create directory structure of the target file before writing the file

// Create target file using writer
targetFile.withWriter { w ->

    // List of input files
    ["<firstFilePath>", "<secondFilePath", "<thirdFilePath>"].each { f ->

        // Use reader on current file
        new File(f).withReader { r ->

            // Append data from each file to the writer of the combined file
            w << r << "\n"
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