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Java Question

Generate a random position between 2 corners points

If we have two objects of

which represents 2 corners of a rectangle, a region:

Vector2 corner1 = new Vector2(-5, -5);
Vector2 corner2 = new Vector2(5, 5);

How can you generate a random position between these two vectors (any where in the rectangle it creates)?

What I thought to do is, the the distance from
and the same for
, and do a random value from that range.

But what if the first vector is
5, 5
and second vector is
-5, -5
? I will have to add a negative distance, am I right?

Whats the most efficient way to do this?

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Here is some example code I'll explain what it does. First you need to find distance between x1 and x2 and distance between y1 and y2 get a random value between the total distance then subtract half of that distance so if we had total distance 10 we would get a random number (0 - 10) subtract 5 and we get the range -5 to 5.

    int x1 = 5;
    int x2 = -5;
    int y1 = 5;
    int y2 = -5;

    Random rand = new Random();

    int distanceX = Math.abs(x1 - x2);
    int distanceY = Math.abs(y1 - y2);

    int randX = rand.nextInt(distanceX) - (distanceX/2);
    int randY = rand.nextInt(distanceY) - (distanceY/2);

    System.out.println(randX + " " + randY);

You would just need to use the Vector 2 so

distanceX = Math.abs(corner1.x - corner2.x);

etc... you might need to change ints to floats depending on what Vector2 contains.

float randX = ((rand.nextFloat()*distanceX) - (distanceX/2));