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ActionScript Question

If I Learn Haxe, can I use C# code in Actionscript?

If I learn Haxe programing language, Can I rewrite C# frameworks in Haxe (Native) and use in Flash or ActionScript? for Example, I rewrite Entity Frame work in Haxe and complie it to SWC. or rewrite Framework C# Codes in Haxe and compile theme in SWC and use in ActionScript ?
For first step,I Want to get sqlite source code section from Entity Framework and rewrite theme by Haxe Native and Flash API ,then compile all of theme to SWC file ... Is it posible ?

Answer Source

You can rewrite C# frameworks in Haxe, and compile them for many platforms, including JavaScript, Flash Player and native languages as well. This depends on what APIs the frameworks uses. For example, a physics library is going to use a lot of math operations (which should translate) but if the code uses a specific API (such as XNA or .NET) then it will require more work.

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