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Android camera and photo picker intent

I'm building the android app which one of the functionality will be taking the picture from the gallery or from the camera. I have a problem making it to work with every device. I can't find the proper solution for every android version and every device. I feel like I've searched all over the internet and tried every code that I found but without success to make it work for everything mentioned. I've tried implementing the code from the official android documentation but same problem. Picking from the gallery seem's to be working, but camera doesn't work well at all. Could someone please give me the tip, link or the code how to do it? I literally lost my nerves trying to make this. I'm pretty new in android...

I need both intents, for gallery and camera.

Answer Source

After almost half of a year, I found a solution. Actually, I found a library which works with every phone and every android version. If still someone needs a solution for this, here is an answer.

EasyImage did the job!

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