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How do I create a new FCPDF instance using Laravel with UTF

In original one there's functionality


But I am using that one created for Laravel (

And there is nearly no docs so I have no way of doing it. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve it?

How can i set default pdf charset to pdf?

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You should have a tcpdf.php file on your /config/ folder in your app, there you can set some configuration details like this:

return [
    'page_format'           => 'A4',
    'page_orientation'      => 'P',
    'page_units'            => 'mm',
    'unicode'               => true,
    'encoding'              => 'UTF-8', // <- Your desired encoding <-
    'font_directory'        => '',
    'image_directory'       => '',
    'tcpdf_throw_exception' => false,

In case your configuration file don't exists, as the docs says you can create it doing:

Laravel-TCPDF comes with some basic configuration. If you want to override the defaults, you can publish the config, like so:

php artisan vendor:publish

Now access config/tcpdf.php to customize.

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