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Firebase deploy broken after migrating to new console-- "Error: Authentication required."

After migrating my app to the new Firebase console (, I can no longer deploy static assets using the Firebase CLI "firebase deploy". I receive the message "Error: Authentication required."

At first, I had updated to the latest CLI but found I couldn't use it to deploy without updating Firebase in my Angular app; I'm not ready to do this until AngularFire has been updated though. So I downgraded to the older CLI but found I still couldn't deploy.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Firebase CLI, Firebase, NodeJS (v4 & 6), logging in and logging out of Firebase multiple times-- nothing has helped.

I'm currently using:

  • Firebase CLI: 2.15.1

  • Node: 4.4.4

  • NPM: 2.15.1

I've also tried using "firebase prefs:token", copying the token, and deploying with the token via "firebase deploy --token ". Still no luck. Authentication required.

Hoping for some guidance on the issue to unblock deployment. Thanks!

Answer Source

Sorry you're running into issues. You should be using the firebase-tools node module. The latest version is 3.0.0. This is required to use projects that have been migrated to the new console.

Try running:

npm install -g firebase-tools
# just to be sure; let's make sure you have a token against the right scopes
firebase logout; firebase login
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