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Node.js Question

Firebase deploy broken after migrating to new console-- "Error: Authentication required."

After migrating my app to the new Firebase console (, I can no longer deploy static assets using the Firebase CLI "firebase deploy". I receive the message "Error: Authentication required."

At first, I had updated to the latest CLI but found I couldn't use it to deploy without updating Firebase in my Angular app; I'm not ready to do this until AngularFire has been updated though. So I downgraded to the older CLI but found I still couldn't deploy.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Firebase CLI, Firebase, NodeJS (v4 & 6), logging in and logging out of Firebase multiple times-- nothing has helped.

I'm currently using:

  • Firebase CLI: 2.15.1

  • Node: 4.4.4

  • NPM: 2.15.1

I've also tried using "firebase prefs:token", copying the token, and deploying with the token via "firebase deploy --token ". Still no luck. Authentication required.

Hoping for some guidance on the issue to unblock deployment. Thanks!


Sorry you're running into issues. You should be using the firebase-tools node module. The latest version is 3.0.0. This is required to use projects that have been migrated to the new console.

Try running:

npm install -g firebase-tools
# just to be sure; let's make sure you have a token against the right scopes
firebase logout; firebase login