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Gulp Browsersync + Babel Express server waiting for localhost indefinitely

I'm running a basic static server with Express in a separate server file.
In my Gulpfile, I use nodemon to run the server file and then pass its address to browsersync to proxy through.

When the browser navigates to the webpage, I am presented with an infinitely loading page which is "Waiting for localhost:3000". The website loads instantly after refreshing the page.

Below are my express server and gulpfile:

// server.js

import express from 'express';
const app = express();


// gulpfile.babel.js

import browser from 'browser-sync';
import gulp from 'gulp';
import plugins from 'gulp-load-plugins';

const $ = plugins();

gulp.series(server, browsersync, watch));

// Start the server with nodemon
function server(done) {
return $.nodemon({
script: 'server.js',
exec: 'babel-node',
.on('start', () => {

// Proxy the server with browsersync
function browsersync(done) {
proxy: 'http://localhost:4000',

// Watch for file changes
function watch() {'scripts/**/*.js').on('change', gulp.series(browser.reload));

Answer Source

This issue was unfortunately caused by babel-node.

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