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Using utility classes in the android programming

I have a little idea of the Utility Classes with a slight doubt on demand.

If I use a Utility class in my Application than to use that class in my main Activity do I have to create the object of that class or I can directly Import that class in my main activity?

I am Sorry if I am not making a clear sense.

In the nutshell, all I want to be clear about is that basically how can I use the utility class in my Main Activity?


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It heavily depends on what kind of utility you're referring to. There are

1) utility classes that implement static methods. In that case you just call them directly using class name

2) utility classes methods that are not static - requires creating and possibly initializing an instance of that class. Then the instance is used to call those methods.

3) utility classes that can be accessed thru Context. then you can call getApplicationContext() and then you can get access to the utility classes

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