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How can one develop iPhone apps in Java?

In my computer science class, I have completed all my projects; So my teacher thought it'd be a good idea to develope IPhone apps. The only problems is that the class is taught in java, and IPhone apps are written in Objective-C. I was wondering if anyone has developed applications in Java, with XMLVM. This compliler (supposedly) converts java byte code into Objective-C (without needing an apple computer or knowledge of Objective-C). Does anyone know if this is correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a code example of Java code being used on an IPhone

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If you've completed your other projects, why not take the time to learn Objective-C? There is a ton of material out on the web to help you get started. Here's one link. Honestly, it won't be that hard and learning to do some memory management will be a great learning exercise. Have you programmed in C before?

Most cross compilers won't do a great job in converting your code, and debugging your project may become much more difficult if you develop them this way.

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