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C# Question

dynamics crm 2013 c# plugin update/change system user timezone in it's usersettings

i need to create a plugin to update a new user -timezone immediately
after it created, but i don't know how to update the timezone in the connected usersettings - which attributes (like TimeZoneCode) do i must change
if i always want to change to time zone to the my country- paris? ,
and how to update?
**my steps:

  1. i create a post operation plugin, on systemuser entity - create

  2. get the id of the new systemuser // systemUser.systemuserid;

  3. retrieve its connected userSettings according to the systemuser id

ColumnSet attributes = new ColumnSet(new string[] { "timezonecode" });
var userSettingsResult =
_service.Retrieve(userSettings.LogicalName, newSystemUserId, attributes);

**4. but i dont know which attributtes i need to update in usersettings to change the genereal time zone

for example: from london to my country paris ( i always change to paris)

do i only need to change the TimeZoneCode or i need to change more attributes like TimeZoneBias?
and if so which attributes and and how?**

my code

public void updateNewUserTimeZone(MOHServiceContext myContext, Entity entity, ITracingService trc, IOrganizationService service, IPluginExecutionContext executionContext)
if (entity != null)
// post operation - the new system user
var systemUser = entity.ToEntity<systemuser>();
var newSystemUserId=systemUser.systemuserid; //get the id of the new systemuser

if (newSystemUserId)
//find the userSettingObject that has the same id as the system user now created

--var userSettingsResult = (from userSettingObject in myContext.userSettingsSet
--where userSettingObject.systemuserid == newSystemUserId
--select userSettingObject).FirstOrDefault();

// second way to retrive user setting
//the fields we wandt to retrive from usersettings
ColumnSet attributes = new ColumnSet(new string[] { "timezonecode" });

// Retrieve the usersettings and its timezonecode attribute.
var userSettingsResult = _service.Retrieve(userSettings.LogicalName, newSystemUserId, attributes);

//if we find serSettingObject that has the same id as the system user now created
if (userSettingsResult != null)
//how to update the time zone in userSettingsResult we found to paris?



thanks a lot :)

Answer Source

Get the TimeZoneIndex value and update the user settings TimeZoneCode with the corresponding value.

var userSettings = new UserSettings()
    Id = userSettingsId,
    TimeZoneCode = 105 //(GMT+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
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