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How to integrate machine learning with web application?

I have a web application built in php ... and as the data set grows I want to apply some ML algorithms on this data.
The options I have is applying these algorithms in php, but I don't know how effective that would be, or building a web service in python.

any advice?

Ray Ray
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If the choice is PHP or Python for implementing ML algos, go with Python--no question.

Many core components of modern Machine Learning like logical regressions, linear regressions, nueral networks, etc... requires liner Algebra to implement efficiently (as far as I know)

PHP is not know for having a deverse and widely accepted range libraries for handling such math well, so implementing your algo in php is probably a poor choice.

Python has some great ones like numpy that are excellent for this purpose and a number of higher level libraries like tensorflow, theoano, keras, etc... to provide various levels ML abstraction.

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